DIY Coffee Scrub

DIY Coffee Scrub

I don’t know about you but my skin can always benefit from an exfoliating scrub. In the summer, I need to exfoliate because I self tan. In the winter, I need to exfoliate because my skin looks dull and dry. So no matter the season, I try to exfoliate once every 2 weeks, maybe more when my skin needs a little extra TLC. Now just in case you want to know more. Let’s go over why exfoliating is so great for your skin.

  1. Helps with dry and flaky skin (obviously)
  2. Reduces the appearance of aging
  3. Boosts blood flow
  4. Unclogs pores
  5. Enhances absorption of skincare products
  6. Stimulates collagen
  7. Boost lymphatic drainage
  8. Increases cell turnover
  9. Decreases acne
  10. Leaves your skin looking luminous!

DIY Coffee Scrub

Of course, there are 2465465 different exfoliate scrubs on the market. Some filled with pesky chemicals and some that are completely non-toxic. But if you exfoliate like I do, even the cheapest body scrubs can add up over time. So I created a DIY coffee scrub that takes less than 5 minutes and helps your wallet.

You may be thinking why coffee for the base? Well, that’s a wonderful question, let me just tell you! For one reason, coffee is full of antioxidants that are super beneficial for the skin. Coffee is the best base to boost more collagen production rather than sugar or salt for instance. The antioxidants in coffee are also great for sun protection and helps acne. So why not use coffee right? Plus, it smells fantastic!

This recipe uses coconut oil as the carrier oil.

I love coconut oil and I use it for anything and everything. However, some people’s skin does not respond well to coconut oil. If this is the case for you, substitute the carrier oil in this recipe for avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, or any oil that makes your skin glow!

I’m going to be honest though, it is VERY important that you use organic coffee in this scrub. Our skin is our largest organ so whatever you put onto your skin is seeping in. Coffee that is not organic has the highest amount of pesticides of any food on the market. And you don’t want all of those pesticides seeping into your pores. You can read more about coffee and the importance of buying organic in my blog post here. This recipe is very customizable. My personal favorites are paired with peppermint essential oil or vanilla essential oil. If you use vanilla essential oil mixed with jojoba oil, you get a little more moisturization.


DIY Coffee Scrub




  1. Mix all ingredients in a medium size bowl and place in a sealable jar. Get your glow on!

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