The Best Swimsuit Brand

If you know me well, you know I’m a bit of a swimsuit aholic. There’s nothing better in the summer than getting that new swimsuit in the mail. You get to model it in your mirror, picture yourself with it on the beach relaxing the day away. *Sigh* It is marvelous.

The Best Swimsuit Brand

I’ve owned many swimsuits from all different brands over the years but I have to say, there is one brand that I love above all the rest and that is Hoola Collective. When I stumbled across Hoola on the gram, I was blown away by the beautiful signature blue swimsuits they sell. The color is absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention, it was modeled by all different sizes and colors of women and it looked good on every single one. Of course blue isn’t the only color they sale but it is my personal favorite. I am not typically drawn to bright colors to wear so I surprised myself loving this color so much.

Another wonderful thing about Hoola is that their models are all shapes and sizes. I hate when swimsuit lines only use models that are a size 2 because that’s not realistic. I want to see the swimsuits on models of all shapes that way I can image if it’s going to look good on me before I buy it.

Here is a little background on the swimsuit line:

Hoola Collective is an Australian based swimwear brand founded in 2016, by Bianca Judd. The line is Australian made from eco-conscious and sustainable materials, which I love! I’m all about the eco-friendly clothing lines people. Bianca is an advocate for helping all women embrace and own their body. Her passion and purpose collided, and with that, Hoola Collective was born.

Bianca strives to make this label a symbol that makes women feel comfortable. She wants women who wear Hoola to embrace their true beauty in all its shapes and sizes. The swimwear is tried, tested, and tailored on everyday bodies. The company motto is, “You only have one life, do something crazy and do it in a swimsuit!”

Bianca’s passion truly shines when talking with her about her swimsuit line. You can tell this is a definite calling for her and I love that I am supporting a small, woman ran company that advocates for body positivity when buying their swimsuits.

The Best Swimsuit Brand

Swimsuit fit:

So I got my swimsuit in the mail right before I left for a week long beach trip. And let me just say, oh my goodness! I thought I liked the color on Instagram but pictures do not do it justice. It is an absolutely stunning color in person.

I will be honest, when I opened the package and saw the bikini I started to doubt myself. I haven’t worn a bikini since college. Should I have opted for a one piece? Did I make a mistake? Then I tried it on and all my worries drifted away. I couldn’t believe how well it fit. It hugs in all the right places.

I have some major child-baring hips but even this swimsuit made them look smaller. It shaped my booty well because I have a very large backside so I often have a hard time finding swimsuits that don’t look like a thong. It was just the right amount of coverage. I also have the smallest boobs ever. So much to my surprise, the top actually gave me a little cleavage, which never happens for this size A gal!

I wore it on the beach and received multiple compliments.

I still can’t believe I wore a bikini and I really can’t believe how much I liked it. The material is also really well made. It didn’t stain from the gobs of sunscreen I applied and didn’t fall down when waves were crashing on me in the ocean.

Now if you are thinking, there is no way I am going to wear a bikini, not to worry my friend, Hoola sells gorgeous one pieces too! So no matter what shape or size you are, there is something for every woman.

And if you’d like to grab one of these amazing swimsuits for yourself, click this link to view the store range. Hoola Collective founder, Bianca, was nice enough to create a code for all my readers. This is not an affiliate code, just a discount to help you out. Use HEALTHYHIPPIE to get over 20% off your purchase!

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