The Importance of Quality Meat

The Importance of Quality Meat

I get asked frequently by my health coaching clients what kind of foods should the majority of their money be going to. This is an excellent question. In the health world, you hear everyone talk about buying all organic vegetables. While buying certain types vegetables and fruits organic is important, buying high quality meat is even more important.

The Importance of Quality Meat

Buying high quality meat is important for many reasons. First, the way the animal is raised determines the quality of the meat. If the animal lives in a stressful environment, they are more susceptible to illness and therefore the animal is given antibiotics. Consuming animal protein from animals that have been given antibiotics can have a negative affect on our gut microbiome. Especially if we are consuming a large amount of animal protein. This comes from conventional meats that are not grass-fed and grass-finished.

Grass-fed is quite popular these days in grocery stores. However, this term is very unregulated. So this could mean that the animal was allowed to eat grass at some point during their life but then it is fed grains to fatten it up and finish it off. The problem with animal protein that has been fed grains is that grains contain corn and soy. So for people who have gut issues / food intolerances, it can be disruptive to the stomach.

It is best to buy grass-fed, grass-finished animal products if possible because this means that the animal isn’t given any grains during their life. Which makes for happier animals and better for your overall health!

Organic is another term used. This means the grain that the animal is given has to be organic. It is likely that the animal has never been pastured or has only been pastured during a small portion of time. However, organic is highly regulated so the farmer is not allowed to use any antibiotics or growth hormones. Based on regulations, next to grass-fed, grass-finished, organic is the next best thing.

About Butcher Box

All this information is great to know but I bet you’re wondering, how to find it. Not all grocery stores carry high quality meat and if they do, it can be pricey. Well I have just the solution for you. I’ve been using a company for over 2 years called Butcher Box. They source high quality meat for an affordable price. All their meat is humanely raised and no hormones or antibiotics ever. They sell grass-fed, grass-finished beef, vegetarian-fed pork, and non-GMO, vegetarian-fed, organic chicken. And IT IS DELICIOUS. You can read all about how the Butcher Box animals are cared for here

Butcher Box


How It Works

The great thing about Butcher Box is that I don’t even have to leave my house to get it, the product is shipped (in biodegradable materiel) right to your door. You can customize how much meat you want, what kind, and which cuts, they have them all. You can get it as little or as much as you want and cancel anytime you like (even though I’m not sure why you would want to). If I get a box, and my husband and I haven’t eaten as much that month and we have enough let over for the next month, I just push my ship date to whenever I want. It’s so easy! The best part is that I never have to worry about finding meat in the grocery store. It saves me so much time!

If you want to try Butcher Box for yourself or purchase it for someone special this Christmas, click here to start shopping. Butcher Box has been so thoughtful and created a code just for The Healthy Hippie readers! So don’t forget to use the code AP10 to get $10 off your first order AND a FREE pack of bacon in your first box!

Butcher Box

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