The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

It’s no secret that Primally Pure non-toxic skincare is my favorite skincare company ON THE PLANET. I have used every. single. product. And I love every. single. product.

Well there is good news for all of us because Primally Pure is having a major black Friday sale this year (happy dance inserted) and I want to make sure you know the best gifts to get the special people in your life. Just click the photos to start planning your list!

The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

For the ashy Ava:

We all have that friend who complains about their skin being dry like a scaly lizard. The PP body butter is the perfect gift. All the scents are amazing so you can’t go wrong. I could bathe in this stuff!
The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

For the exercise guru:

When you exercise a lot, deodorant is very important. Especially deodorant that works! Did you know that deodorant is one of the most processed and chemical filled skin products on the market? And it’s going straight into your pores when you sweat, so gross! Do your loved one a favor and get them a natural deodorant that won’t seep into their skin with harsh chemicals. For the super sporty individual, I’d go with the charcoal. But the lavender is my personal fave! And let’s not forget about the unscented one for the fellas!
The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

For the hair freak:

Washing your hair every day is so 1998. For most of us, dry shampoo is a life saver. It keeps your hair clean until the next wash. Which may be 4 or more days for some people. No judgement here. PP’s non-toxic dry shampoo is the best smelling dry shampoo I have ever used. And it lasts forever. You can choose for your light or dark haired friends. They sell both!
The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

For the friend with a baby:

Rubbing non-toxic skincare on a baby should never happen! Every parent wants the best for their child and that means not using products that will give their little one a rash. PP offers any baby product you can think of without all the harsh chemicals. I recommend the baby kit. You get a little bit of everything.
The Ultimate Non-Toxic Gift Guide

For the special man in your life:

Let’s not forget about the fellas! PP has two AMAZING smelling beard oils, the old fashioned and the mojito. I love both for my hubs.
beard oils

For the bath lover:

The sea soak is a personal favorite. As someone who is an avid bath taker, I always keep this stocked in my bathroom cabinet. With ingredients like Epsom Salt, French Green Clay, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and many others, it’s like a full on spa experience.
sea soak

For the acquaintance:

We all have someone we feel obligated to buy for. Maybe a coworker, or a family member we only see once a year. So we want the gift to seem thoughtful but not spend a crazy amount. This is the gift for you. Everyone uses lip balm and PP’s lip balm is the (pun intended). All 5 of their lip balm scents come in this set with the cutest bag included and it’s under $20!
PP's lip balm

For the nature lover:

The nature spray from PP is amazing. It keeps you smelling fresh but also keeps the mosquitoes away. Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors will highly appreciate this.
nature spray from PP

For the anti-wrinkle weirdo:

This is me. The anti-wrinkle weirdo. And if your family is like mine, there’s always that one women who fears the wrinkles and will use anything to prevent them. Whether it’s an aunt, grandmother, or sister, the plumping combo is the best gift. This lovely bundle contains a plumping serum to help prevent wrinkles and a rose quartz roller that helps with puffiness.
plumping serum

I hope this ultimate non-toxic gift guide is helpful and whoever you buy for loves Primally Pure as much as I do! Follow me on Instagram to get the discount codes for the Black Friday sale!!

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