My Favorite Gluten Free Brands

My Favorite Gluten Free Brands

I’ve have received a lot of questions lately about what brands of gluten free foods I eat. Whether it’s from my health coaching clients or friends who are trying to cut out gluten, it is asked frequently. So, I have decided to put a list together of my favorite brands of gluten free foods. I tried to be specific on what each brand specializes in but if you have more detailed questions about a brand, use my contact form!

My Favorite Gluten Free Brands

Siete Foods

Grain free & gluten free tortillas and tortilla chips. This is without a doubt, my favorite gluten free brand EVER!

 Hu Kitchen

Grain free crackers. Hu also sells healthy chocolate that I hear my friends rave about. I’m allergic to chocolate so I have never personally had it but it’s worth trying!

Purely Elizabeth

Granola, granola bars, & gluten free oatmeal

Thrive Market Brand

They have so many gluten free foods and snacks to choose from and they are cheap!

Simply Mills

They have some amazing gluten free crackers, cake mixes, cookies, pizza dough, and dairy free “buttercream” icing that I could eat right out of the jar. In fact, sometimes I do #shamelessplug.


I personally do not eat these because I’m not a meat person but I’ve heard great things about their gluten free snacks! It’s like healthy jerky.


They have some amazing plantain chips….savory and sweet.


If you have a big sweet tooth, they have some great fruit chips that will help those cravings!


They have almond flour pasta, gnocchi, pizza, and vegan cookie dough. Every single thing they sell is to die for!  

Trader Joe’s

Well who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? Their red lentil gluten free pasta is my favorite. You can’t even tell it’s gluten free. They also sell some amazing cauliflower gnocchi and pizza.

Emmy’s Organics

They have some delicious gluten free, dairy free, vegan cookies and macaroons!

Primal Kitchen

Their collagen protein bars are on point and they are very low in sugar, double win!

This Bar Save Lives

If you need a bump of carbs for a good workout, this is your bar. It is low in sugar and is hands down the best bar I have ever tasted. Their mission as a company is also wonderful. Check them out!

Coconut Cult

They have the best gluten free and dairy free probiotic coconut yogurt ever! I’m salivating just thinking about it!


This is a very small company (which I love) that offers the best gluten free sourdough bread I have ever tasted and trust me; I’ve had my fair share of gluten free bread. It is free from additives and it is gooey and crunchy in all the right places. I highly recommend this brand.

Simple Kneads

This is also a great company for gluten free bread without all the additives. They offer sourdough, pumpernickel, and a power grains bread.

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