Category: Recipes

Creamy Tomato Soup

Creamy tomato soup is my favorite soup ever! It’s my go to soup when I am sick or when I need a good comfort dish during cooler weather. There’s a local restaurant where I live that makes THE BEST creamy…

Anti Inflammatory Hummus

I love hummus. It can be added to almost anything and taste delicious. And it’s healthy and easy to make. However, if I eat hummus, my stomach is bloated and upset for days. I have a serious intolerance to chickpeas.…

The Best Bean Free Chili

The first sign of cold weather and I am ready for a hot bowl of chili. I have grown to love chili even more since I married my husband. Chili is a family favorite in the Coggins household. They mark…

The Importance of Quality Meat

I get asked frequently by my health coaching clients what kind of foods should the majority of their money be going to. This is an excellent question. In the health world, you hear everyone talk about buying all organic vegetables.…

The Best Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Fa la la la la….it’s almost Christmas!!! Which means, I’m about to do as much holiday baking as I can fit into my schedule. There’s nothing better than playing Christmas music and baking delicious healthy sweet treats. This is my…

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