Category: Health

In Season Eating

We’ve all heard at one point or another that eating foods that are in season are better, but do you know why? Well, lets start with the obvious reason, the food is more fresh. When you eat foods that are…

DIY Vanilla Rose Bath Salts

I used to be all against taking baths, until my naturopathic doctor suggested I start tying them three times a week. I am now hooked! I never realized how relaxing it could be. Especially when I started buying all natural…

How to Evaluate a Food Label

Eat it all. Sometimes I would like to eat it all but moderation is key and in some cases, we shouldn’t eat it at all. I’d like to believe I am buying clean foods all the time. Yet, sometimes the…

My Favorite Gluten Free Brands

I’ve have received a lot of questions lately about what brands of gluten free foods I eat. Whether it’s from my health coaching clients or friends who are trying to cut out gluten, it is asked frequently. So, I have…

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