My Favorite At-Home Workout Equipment

at-home workout equipment

There are workouts you can do from home that don’t require equipment, but I like to mix it up and use different equipment as well. I’ve collected enough equipment over the years to have an at-home gym so I’m going to give you a list of what I use. Most of the items I have are super affordable and versatile.

My at-home workout equipment

I’ve always enjoyed exercising from home. I don’t have to drive to the gym and I can do it whenever I want, wherever I want. I’m not the type of person that needs a workout partner to stay motivated. I actually prefer to workout one on one with my trainer or by myself. It’s my “me time.” So on the days I don’t box, I workout from the comfort of my living room or my backyard.

My number one favorite and what I use the most – resistance bands.

I’ve had the same resistance bands for over 3 years now and they still work great. I paid around $20 or less for them and if I could have only one type of workout equipment, it would be resistance bands. You can use them for so many workouts and the burn they give is for real.

Kettlebell weight

I’m a huge fan of kettlebell swings so I use it a lot. Mine is 25 pounds.

Core sliders

These are super cheap and they are great for working the abs. I use mine to do mountain climbers and other core exercises.

Medicine ball

I use these a lot with abs as well, specifically russian twists. I also like to use them in my tabata workouts with thrusters.

The most expensive piece of equipment I own is my Bosu ball.

This is also one I incorporate into my tabatas but it can be used for many different exercises. And it’s still small enough to store easily.

I have owned my dumbbells the longest.

They are so versatile and would be my second favorite. I use a 15 pound pair.

Ankle weights

These are great for toning legs and glutes. You can use them with a resistance band for an extra burn.

I use all of this equipment on a regular basis. If you are just starting and you only want to get a few things that are affordable, I would suggest the resistance bands and dumbbell weights. These are both affordable products and are the most functional.

To see my exact pieces of equipment, check out my Amazon list here.

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