The Wellness Product I Can’t Live Without

The Wellness Product I Cant Live Without

I love a good wellness product. Especially when it involves food. I believe food is not only made to nourish the body but it can heal the body in some cases as well. There is definitely something amazing about eating clean, whole foods that can restore the body in so many ways. And when I find a product that contains so many amazing benefits, I keep buying more.

The Wellness Product I Can’t Live Without

I have been buying Heritage Harvest honey for over a year now and it never gets old. I have never tasted a honey that I love so much. They sell a product called Immune Impact Wellness Honey that is amazing. This honey contains reishi, a well-known medicinal mushroom that has been used and valued for centuries in homeopathic healing, and has many biotherapeutic benefits. Some of them include:

  • helping to reduce to inflammation & pain
  • regulate blood sugar & pressure
  • promote digestion
  • act as an anti-viral

This local raw honey is creamed and combined with the reishi mushroom, which is also grown locally on the Heritage Harvest farm. The Immune impact honey has a flavor like I’ve never experienced in honey before. I’m not sure how the Heritage Harvest team makes the honey taste so amazing but they do.

This is a regular stable in my diet, especially during cold and flu season. I love drizzling it on banana & nut butter toast for breakfast or putting a spoonful in my herbal tea. If I am starting to feel sick, I will eat a spoonful right out of the jar. It’s so good and always helps me feel better and coat my throat when it’s sore. I can’t recommend this product enough.

There’s also a new product that was just released and it’s called Head Honey.

This delicious goodness contains lion’s mane mushroom and it is also infused into the raw creamed honey. This is anti-inflammatory just like the Immune Impact honey. Here are some of the neuroregenerative benefits of this wonderful product:

  • help boost cognition
  • repair nervous system damage
  • protect the digestive tract & heart
  • improve blood sugar control
  • reduce oxidative stress levels

I have teamed up with Heritage Harvest to provide you with a 15% discount starting today through December, 8th! This is not an affiliate partnership, I just like supporting local businesses, especially ones that promote healthy living. To get your wellness honey, click here and use the code HEALTHYHIPPIEHONEY to get your discount!

With other exciting news, Heritage Harvest will also be releasing their 3rd variety of wellness honey in January called Body Boost, containing the adaptogenic medicinal mushroom cordyceps!

This honey may be beneficial in may ways to help:

  • enhance exercise performance + strength
  • reduce fatigue & inflammation
  • improve memory & sexual function
  • promote white blood cell counts
  • heart health

So don’t forget to try it out! You can also meet the Heritage Harvest team in person at the Cobblestone Farmer’s Market, Winston Junction Market, and Buie’s Market in Winston-Salem, NC, and Davidson Farmer’s Market if you are closer to Charlotte, NC.

I like supporting products that contain research to back up their benefits. You can read about the research done with medicinal mushrooms through the National Institutes of Health here.


Disclaimer: While studies of medicinal mushrooms are more than promising across the world and in the US, the FDA has not evaluated these statements and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease. It is always recommended that you evaluate use with your health care professional to ensure best results.

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