Everything Chicago Food

I was born a country girl. A southern country girl that is but over the years I’ve been converted. My husband was born and raised in the city and has opened my eyes to all the wonderful things about city living. However, we still live in a smaller city so every chance I get, I love to visit larger ones.

I’ve been to Chicago the last two years and don’t have enough good things to say about this wonderful city. I actually didn’t expect to like it as much as I did on my first visit. Washington D.C. has always been my favorite but I have to say, Chicago is moving up the list.

The great thing about Chicago is that everything is close together and you can walk most places. Now if you have never been to Chicago before, I highly recommend researching the area you plan to stay. Even though it’s a great city to visit, we are all aware of the high crime rate in Chicago so you want to choose a safe area. I’ve always stayed in the River North district. I love this area because it’s close to so many good restaurants, shopping, and it’s a very safe area. Also, most anywhere you stay, you can get a good view of the river, which is beautiful.

Everything Chicago Food

Everything Chicago Food

Of course I always plan my getaways around food because, well duh. I started researching all the great River North restaurants several months before my trip and I found some amazing places. So I’m here to share my wonderful food experiences and places you have to dine at while in Chicago. And let me preface that I only go to Chicago once a year so some of the food I’m sharing I don’t consume on a regular basis. #yolo

My sister and I stayed in a hotel that connected to the merchandise mart so we got to experience all the cute little cafes there. At the entrance to the mart, on the hotel side, there was this little coffee stand called Infuse. Not since I was in Paris have I tasted such a delicious and fresh croissant. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! They had all different kinds but I got the almond croissant, which consisted of almonds on top with almond infused flavors, a berry compote in the middle mixed with a creamy custard.

Everything Chicago Food

The second cafe we got to experience was Marshall’s Landing which has an amazing view of the river and the best coffee I experienced in Chicago. Plus, it’s quick and affordable.

This gem of a restaurant was found last year and I don’t think I can ever visit Chicago without dining there. It’s called Pink Taco and they have the best tacos and mexican rice I have ever put into my mouth. The ambiance is relaxed, they have great patio seating, and it’s not very expensive.

Everything Chicago Food

My favorite genre of food is Italian and I had read raving reviews about RPM Italian so we decided to give it a shot. It’s a high end dinner restaurant and they make all their pasta in house daily….It. Was. To. Die For. I ordered the gluten free carbonara and it was phenomenal. Did I mention they also make fresh ricotta cheese? They serve it with bread and homemade marina sauce, so amazing!

Who travels to the big city without taking full advantage of Uber Eats and eating in bed?

That’s one thing my sister and I always do when we travel, abuse Uber Eats. If you are looking for a great affordable sushi place that also serves fresh fish, Sushi-San is the place to go. I ordered from there and they did not disappoint.


And if you are looking for the best nachos of your life, Public House is the way to go. They are big enough to serve 2-3 people and they are cheap. Sorry but they were so good, I forgot to snap a photo!

If you are ever in Chicago, I highly recommend all these places to eat. You and your stomach will thank me.

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