My New Favorite Summer Beauty Product That Does Everything

My New Favorite Summer Beauty Product That Does Everything

Summer, the land of sun kissed skin. Who doesn’t love summer? It’s the time for beach vacations, boat rides, and tanning. As much fun as the heat can be, it can also be as equally hard on our skin. So it’s important that we take extra care of it during the hot summer months.

My New Favorite Summer Beauty Product That Does Everything

It’s no secret that I am a major lover of all natural skincare products, especially Primally Pure. I’ve never tried a product from their line that I didn’t like. Well, they impressed me again with another amazing product. The Everything Spray. This spray definitely lives up to it’s name because you can truly use it for everything.

Primally Pure spray

This wonderful spritz can be used as a toner, an underarm refresher, razor burn, to soothe a rash, to help acne, sunburn, the list goes on. I truly love it! I have started using it as a face and neck refresher in the morning after I wake up and then a toner at night.

Ever since I started using the Everything Spray, my skin looks so refreshed and it glows! And it feels so amazing, especially after being outside in the heat.

It can be hard to keep up with a good skincare routine and pick the right products for your specific skin type. But this spray is made for every skin type. So go order you a bottle asap. It comes in regular and travel size. Perfect for a beach vacation!

Get the Everything Spray here!

Be sure to use the code HEALTHYHIPPIE at checkout for 15% off your first purchase!

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