My Favorite Healthy Winston-Salem Restaurants

It’s always more of a challenge to eat healthy when you go to a restaurant, especially when you have food intolerances. Most places cook their food in waaaay too much butter and the sodium level sky rockets.

I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It’s not a very big city although the restaurant scene has blossomed over the last few years and we continue to get healthy restaurants popping up here and there.

I try not to eat out more than twice a week but sometimes the busy life takes over and you don’t have a choice. So I have put together a list of some of my favorite healthy eateries.

My Favorite Healthy Winston-Salem Restaurants
My Favorite Healthy Winston-Salem Restaurants

My Favorite Healthy Winston-Salem Restaurants

1. Village Juice Company

This is my #1 favorite place in all of Winston-Salem to eat. If I could pick just one place to eat in WS it would be Village Juice. It’s also probably the healthiest place to eat in all of WS. They have fresh made smoothies and smoothie bowls, freshly pressed juices, locally brewed coffee, kombucha, toasts, salads, grain bowls, and my personal favorite….the iced matcha latte. What’s great is that everything is made fresh, they use as many local ingredients as possible, and they have plenty of gluten and dairy free options. I could go on and on but you get the picture.


2. Zoe’s Kitchen

I know Zoe’s is a chain but they truly have some great healthy options for a good price. I love their greek salads, falafels, and grilled chicken and veggies.

3. The Loop

Some of the options at The Loop are not very healthy but they also have healthy options as well. They probably have one of the best salads in all of WS and I’ve had my fair share of salads.

4. Krankies Cafe

Krankies is my favorite place to get coffee. They have a miel latte that is to DIE FOR. But you better have some self control before walking through the door because in addition to their delicious healthy food, they also serve some amazing baked goods. They also have great gluten free and dairy free options.

5. HakkaChow

This Asian fusion restaurant puts every other restaurant to shame. They serve the best sushi I. Have. Ever. Tasted. I crave it on a weekly basis! Their menu is huge and they have a great gluten free menu. And did I mention their poke bowls are huge?!? It’s a must try.

6. Mary’s Gourmet Diner

If you want a good breakfast or brunch, go to Mary’s. Their breakfast food is delicious and it’s such a cool hippie vibe. They have some great gluten-free and vegan options.

7. Whole Foods Market

I can’t forget about Whole Foods. Not only is it an amazing health food store but their salad bar and smoothies are delicious! You can’t go wrong.

8. To Your Health Bakery

I know a bakery isn’t considered “healthy” but I had to put it on the list because the entire store is certified gluten free. They also sell dairy free, paleo, and keto treats. My favorite is their gluten free and diary free cannoli!

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