6 Reasons Why Hot Baths Are Beneficial For Your Health

I have never been much of a bath lover until a few months ago. My naturopath suggested I start taking hot Epsom salt baths at least 3 times a week. At first, it was hard for me because I never liked baths but the more I would take them, the more relaxing it became. Now, I’m a bath pro. I have my bath salts, essential oils, a bath pillow, and a caddy. It’s serious business.

Even if you’re not a bath lover like I was, it would be beneficial for you to become one. Hot baths are so beneficial to our emotional and physical health. Here are some of the great benefits, just in case you need a little extra push.

6 Reasons Why Hot Baths Are Beneficial For Your Health
6 Reasons Why Hot Baths Are Beneficial For Your Health

6 Reasons Why Hot Baths Are Beneficial For Your Health

Baths can elevate your mood

Studies have shown that the hot water induces feelings of comfort which help you relax and improves your mood.

It helps you sleep better

A hot bath before bed can signal the production of melatonin (the sleeping hormone) which helps to relax and facilitates the reduction of body temperature, which will prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

A hot bath can relieve muscle pain

The heat will help relax your muscles and it is also great for circulation. The addition of Epsom salt can reduce muscle inflammation and is especially helpful after a workout. Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties in salt baths can be beneficial for people with diabetes.

It’s a workout!

Sure a bath is not the same as a cardio session but the sweat produced in a hot bath can help you burn calories. I bet you want to take a bath now, right?

A bath keeps your heart healthy

The heat can help blood flow and improve circulation. It also reduces blood pressure which can help avoid other health problems in the future.

It can reduce cold and flu symptoms

The steam from a hot bath can help open your sinuses and decrease a cough. It can also help your immune system fight off infection.

Not only has hot baths helped my physically but they have also helped me emotionally. I take my baths after a long busy day and it is my “me time.” It is so relaxing!

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