What is CBD Oil and Does it Really Work?

The CBD oil train has arrived in the US and is sweeping health discussions nationwide.  For those US states where growing marijuana has yet to become legal, the CBD oil hype has just hit our areas within the last few months. There is always a new health fad out there that everyone suddenly has to try but often times realize it is not as great as advertised. What about CBD oil? Is it as great as all the publicity it has been receiving?

What is CBD Oil and Does it Really Work?

For those of you who may be less familiar with CBD oil or otherwise known as hemp oil, it is oil derived from a cannabis plant. The cannabinoids found in cannabis (hemp) plant are what creates the benefits. Hemp oil can be used for a number of things. Here are some of the effects:

  • Improves sleep
  • Decreases joint and muscle pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mood
  • Decreases migraines

The list above is just some of the benefits from taking CBD. The oil is also safe to give to pets especially if they have joint problems, pain from old age, and trouble sleeping. I have heard of several cases where it has been extremely useful for dogs.  

I have been taking CBD for a little over a month now and I have nothing but great things to say about the product. In fact, I have suffered from migraines since I was high school and since I have started taking the hemp oil, I haven’t experienced a single migraine! It has also helped with my stress.

I had several questions about the oil before I started using it though so I have addressed some questions below.

  • Is CBD oil legal? Yes.
  • Does CDB oil make you high? No, it does not. CBD oil has a miniscule amount of THC which is the substance found in the marijuana plant that causes the “high” and hallucinations.
  •  How is it taken? The best way to get its full effects is to use a tincture and drop it under the tongue. Hold it under the tongue for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and swallow. The reason for this is because there are so many capillaries under the tongue which aids with faster absorption.
  • Does the oil taste bad? I don’t think it tastes bad. It has a nice earthy flavor to it but if you don’t prefer the taste, you can always put the drops into your coffee. It just won’t absorb as fast.
  • What is the difference between CBD and hemp oil? There is no difference. The FDA has regulated it to where only pharmaceutical companies can use the term “CBD” so if there are companies who sell the oil and have named it CBD then they are in violation of the FDA. For this reason, companies use hemp oil to market their products.  
What is CBD Oil and Does it Really Work?

I made sure to research the company before I decided where to purchase and I found an amazing one.

The company, Ned, is based in Colorado and is operated by two friends who have such a passion to help others through the use of hemp oil. It is important when buying hemp oil that you are buying full spectrum, high quality otherwise, you are just wasting your money. And who wants to waste their money? I sure don’t! Ned oil is extracted from the whole hemp flower which gives it maximizing benefits.  Ned offers several products and provides plenty of information on their website to help you decide which oil is best for you. I use the 750 mg every morning before breakfast.

CBD oil really does work and the Ned hemp oil has done wonders for me! Ned was nice enough to provide all The Healthy Hippie readers with a promo code to enjoy 10% off your first purchase! Thank you Ned! The link below will take you straight to the Ned site and the promo code is automatically added at checkout.

Click here to shop Ned Hemp Oil


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      So true! Thanks for reading 🙂

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