Three Products That Transformed The Look of My Bathroom

My husband and I live in the same house I lived in before we got married. It’s an adorable little house that was built in the mid sixties and I inherited it from my great grandfather. I love the tiny place because it reminds me so much of great memories I have of my great grandfather from my childhood.

Because the house was extremely dated when I found out I was going to move in, my parents remodeled it for me as a college graduation present. I have been living in the house now for over five years and some of the décor that I chose when I first moved in is just not my style anymore.

Three Products That Transformed The Look of My Bathroom

There is only one bathroom in our house, yes I told you it was small, and it is a very, very tiny one. So it is important that every inch of the space is utilized correctly to make it feel bigger. So I decided to give myself an extremely early birthday present (my birthday isn’t until April 26) and choose a few new products that transformed my bathroom.

I’ve been a long time lover and shopper of Urban Outfitters and not only do they have amazing clothing but their home décor is ON POINT. To say I was impressed with their affordable home décor is an understatement. Their products are so cute yet minimalistic. So here are three products I purchased from them that made my bathroom much more aesthetically pleasing.

A new shower curtain was a must.

My old one was dated and I hate to admit I never washed it enough so it was starting to look dingy. I traded it in for an adorable cream shower curtain with black pompoms. Our floor is black and white tile so the black pompoms tie in nicely. Plus, the absence of designs on the curtain helps minimalize the look and makes the bathroom look bigger.

My second product purchased was a bathroom rug.

I took up our old bathroom rug when we brought our puppy Lucia home because he liked to chew on it. It didn’t have the anti-slip fabric on the bottom either and even with a mat under it, the rug slid around and drove me crazy. All of Urban Outfitters bathroom rugs have the no-slip back so it doesn’t move on the floor. Plus, most of their bathmats have such cute and funny sayings! The one I chose came in two different colors. I chose the light pink of course. It really helps lighten up the room while also making it feel warm and homey.

My third and final product purchased to revamp my bathroom was a storage mirror.

The mirror I had before had ridges around the frame and it was so hard to keep clean! Also, the more space the better for our petite washroom and the mirror I purchased gives way more room than I realized. We have so much more space in our built in cabinets now that the storage mirror has been hung. Shout out to my wonderful hubby for hanging it perfectly! The mirror is black around the frame, which ties in with the shower curtain and tile floor. Plus, the mango wood gives it such a charming style. A completely new look to my small bathroom was completed for under $250!

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