What’s in My Pantry – Part I

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Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday and is excited about starting the new year off fresh and healthy! And to help you start your year healthier and better than ever, I have created a list of my pantry staples.

I have learned that it is a lot harder to eat unhealthy if there are no unhealthy foods in my house to eat. So I don’t buy unhealthy food. My kitchen doesn’t have cereal, candy, potato chips, or ice cream; all the things that make you want to binge eat and then go into a food coma. I just don’t buy it then my husband and I are not tempted to eat it. Instead, I fill our pantry with healthy foods that help us thrive.

I love watching YouTube videos and reading other people’s blogs about their pantry staples. Sometimes I will find a food that I’ve never tried before. So I thought if I enjoyed this subject, maybe my readers would like to see what is in my pantry! I have broken the list into two parts. Part one is the list of foods I eat on a daily or every two days. Part two will contain foods I eat less often but always keep in my pantry. Part II will go live in a few weeks!

What’s in My Pantry – Part I

Wellness Honey

This is my number one favorite pantry staple! I get it from a local farm but not to worry, you can purchase it online! This honey contains reishi and if you don’t know what reishi is, it is a superfood derived from a mushroom and it is good at boosting immune health and reducing inflammation. Plus, this is the best tasting honey. I could eat it right out of the jar, no joke! Most of you know I am a major coffee addict but I am also a big herbal tea drinker as well. I put this honey in my tea every morning and it has been especially helpful during cold and flu season.

Grain Free Tortilla Chips

My favorite snack food! These chips are amazing. I do not incorporate a lot of grains into my diet because I cannot digest them well. I love eating guacamole and salsa but every time I would eat them with regular corn tortilla chips, my stomach would hurt and I became really bloated. Now I can enjoy guac and salsa without any problems! Plus, the company that makes these have come out with all new flavors. Fuego (which tastes like spicy Doritos), ranch, lime, nacho, and more!

Flax seed

There are so many benefits to including flax into your diet. It is high in fiber and protein and helps develop better skin! I am not a major meat eater so this is a good way for me to include more protein into my diet without having to eat so much meat. Also, I have noticed how much better my skin glows when I eat flax regularly. I typically ground it up in my smoothies.

Probiotic coconut yogurt

You have to get in those probiotics people! And I know this is technically not an item to keep in your pantry but it is one of favorites for breakfast or a snack, so I am including it. This is a great way to get more probiotics into your diet and you are also eating healthy fats which keep you fuller for longer. My favorite brand is Lavva because they do not add additional sugar to their yogurt. Some probiotic yogurt is so high in sugar that there is no point in eating it. Lavva tastes sweet without the additional sugar that isn’t needed.

Collagen Peptides

This is so important to add to your daily routine. Collagen helps hair, skin, nails, and bone health. I use an unflavored kind and pour it into my morning coffee, herbal tea, or smoothie.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

This tea has a mild fruity taste that is a great supporter from menstrual health. I drink it at least twice a day. I highly recommend if you have menstrual issues or during your time of the month you have major symptoms like cramping.

Coconut oil

Oh what can’t a coconut do? I love coconut oil! I cook with it, use it on my face, moisturize with it, and use it for oil pulling. If you are unfamiliar with oil pulling, you can check out my blog about it here. Coconut oil is fantastic and it works great to cook with because it can be heated at much higher temperatures than olive oil. I keep at least 3 jars in my house at all times!

Protein powder 

You always need a good protein powder. The brand I use is by an Australian company and it tastes amazing. For years I have looked for a descent pea protein powder because I don’t like using whey or anything with soy. However, a lot of pea protein powders do not taste good and have a grainy texture. When I found Tropeka, I was so excited because they have a vanilla protein powder that smells like straight up cake batter. Also, in mid 2018 they released a Salted Caramel protein powder that is my favorite! It tastes like caramel cake! So yummy. They also have a chocolate protein for all you chocoholics out there.

I hope you found these pantry staples helpful! I love eating healthy and fueling my body with foods that will help me feel great. Most people don’t realize that what they are putting into their bodies can have a major impact on their lives. Fill your body with nutrients that will help you enjoy your life!

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