15 Best Stocking Stuffers!

Only one week before Christmas! Can you believe it? One week!!! It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for summer family vacations and now I am finishing up all the last minute shopping before December 25th. 

I usually try to get all my shopping done by the first week of December but there is always someone you know that waits until the very last minute to finish up their shopping list…..like my husband. That’s okay because even though it’s only a week before the big day, these gifts will be shipped to your door just in time! 

Even though we are all adults, my mother-in-law never stops giving stocking stuffers. I’m sure glad she doesn’t because sometimes the best gifts come in tiny packages. So here are a few of my family’s favorite stocking stuffers that will sure put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

 Coconut Hydration set by Herbivore. This stuff smells heavenly and it’s all natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about those pesky chemicals! 

I use these straws every day! They are thin enough to fit into any cup and so easy to clean. 

The all natural way to make your bathroom smell clean all the time. 

This leather card holder will fit on any smartphone & you can choose the color!

Everyone wants a good pop socket these days – with six colors to choose from.

I have one of these cellars at home and it is one of my favorite gadgets in my kitchen! 

These unisex gloves are a #1 best seller & you can text in them! Over 25 colors to choose from. 

This beard oil sampler is the best! I got it for my husband and all three scents smell amazing!

The best all natural lip balm with all clean ingredients! Choose from mint-chocolate, coconut, or coconut-mint flavors. 

I love this stuff! My hands stay so dry, especially during the winter months and this keeps them so moisturized. I always keep a tube in my purse. 

5 star rated #1 best seller coffee mug and did I mention there are 8 colors to choose from? Yes, please!

For every man in your life, you can’t go wrong with this Smith & Wesson.

This facial scrub is like liquid gold for your face! My #1 fave from the Acure skincare line. 

Moisture control socks. Need I say more?

I am allergic to chocolate but I have been told by friends that this is the best around. Plus, every flavor is made with all natural ingredients so you don’t have to feel bad about indulging! 


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  • It is one week from Christmas!!! What?? Can you believe it!?!? I am normally done with all my holiday shopping by now & have every gift wrapped & under the tree but not this year. 
Sometimes the hustle & bustle of our daily routines can interfere with our Christmas shopping especially getting those stocking stuffers. Don’t worry though because I have you covered! 
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