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Welcome to the first (and hopefully many) guest blog post! I want to be able to share so many health tips here on The Healthy Hippie and I want to be able to provide you with the best information possible. Even though I have a vast array of knowledge when pertaining to the health and wellness community, there are others who have more insight about certain subjects than I do. For this reason, I will be inviting other individuals periodically to write a guest blog to discuss different health and wellness topics.

All Things Oils

Now you probably already figured out the topic of this blog post based on the cover photo and title, yes we will be talking about all things essential oils! Let me be perfectly clear, this post is not to promote a certain brand (because I use all different brands) but it is to educate you about the benefits of using essential oils. Savannah is my sister’s bff and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her as well. She is a ray of utter sunshine and a natural product lover, a girl after my own heart. Plus, she knows more about essential oils than anyone I have ever met! I have asked her several questions regarding her knowledge and she spills all the oily deets!

Savannah, tell us a little about yourself!

– Hi new friends! My name is Savannah Mullis I am 23 years old, a mother to my 3 month old Levi  (which is SO much fun), and the wife of Cody; my oily partner in crime! I majored in fashion at Liberty University and enjoyed finding healthy food options while in college. But I later learned how important not only eating healthy was, but how important it was for overall wellness! That’s how I began my journey with oils.

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Why is it so important to use essential oils?

First let’s talk about what we use and why it’s bad for us:

We may not realize it, but on average women put over 300+ chemicals/toxins on their bodies everyday. That’s our makeup, deodorant, hand soap, perfume, and more. We also use toxic chemicals in our cleaning products such as: dryer sheets (which happen to be one of the most toxic household items!!), Clorox bleach, laundry detergent, windex, Febreeze, and more.

Our pores soak up everything we place on our bodies. The fragrances and chemicals we place on our skin is a major problem because it has no filter and goes straight to our blood stream (isn’t it crazy what our FDA approves?). This can: disrupt our hormones, cause central nervous system disorders, allergies, growth of cancer cells, and more.

Now you’re probably wondering, “well I’ve been using products with fragrances and other chemicals for years and nothing has happened to me! Why?”

Well, over time it actually does have an effect on you. Here are some examples:

Oxybenzone: UV- filter (found in sunscreen) accumulates in the blood, kidneys, and liver and may be toxic to liver cells.

Propyl-Paraben: Linked to breast cancer, banned in Denmark for cosmetic products for children 3 and under.

Resorcinol: Changes Liver, kidney, and spleen function. Adversely affects the cardiovascular and nervous system. In Japan, the form Resorcin is banned in cosmetics.

Titanium Dioxide: Lung and Respiratory system damage. The International Agency for Research on Cancer also calls it a possible human carcinogen.

OKAY, so that is listing only a few chemicals found in our fragrances used in candles, cosmetics and more. See how scary that is??

Essential Oils (when using a high quality therapeutic grade oil, from a company you trust) are the purest oils found in plants. This can be Cinnamon, Sage, Oregano, Lemon, Bergamot, etc. Plants have been used for centuries to support health and wellness. Oils are important to use, because they support our bodies, instead of working against them. They are FOR us to use. God created plants for a reason, for us to use them and support our bodies. He made Peppermint for a purpose! He made Thyme for a purpose! We should use them to their full capability in order to support our body functions in a healthy natural way. We cannot trust our FDA to do that for us. As you can see, they aren’t out for our overall health.

Tell us some good benefits from using these on a regular basis:

Oils can be used for anything and everything you can think of.  I use them in my household to support skin, hair, cuts, allergies, stomach aches, head tension, restlessness, anxiousness, immune Support, and so so so much more. These oils are small power houses that can support anything we need them to. I use oils everyday diffused, in rollers, in my coffee, etc. We can benefit from using oils everyday because we are omitting the harmful chemicals we place on our bodies. I use vegan hair products, 100% all natural makeup, plant derived laundry soap/dish soap, plant derived spray cleaner, and plant based baby wipes, and more because I care about my baby’s wellness and mine! Everyday I’m proud because I think about the number of chemicals I’m using, declining everyday! It’s a fun challenge for me!

What are your favorite things to use essential oils for?

My favorite thing to use oils for is stress! Being a mom, you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions everyday. Not to mention the craziness your hormones go through!! I have a roller called Mama Calm and in it is: Lavender, Stress Away, Frankincense, Patchouli, Valor, And White Angelica. It smells amazing and supports my stress/tension as well! Can perfume do that?? Haha no way. It causes headaches and hormone disrupters, right?? RIGHT!

Tell us what oils you are loving right now for fall weather?

I have so many diffuser blends for fall that have me drooling!! So not only does my house smell like a fresh baked pie, it’s supporting our bodies during the upcoming cold weather season. My favorite oils for fall are: Clove, Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Nutmeg! They make my home smell so cozy!!

Since we are all about healthy food on this blog, can you share some good ways to infuse essential oils into food?

I LOVE adding oils into my recipes!! Recently I’ve made, pumpkin bread with nutmeg essential oil, brownies with peppermint essential oil, and baked chicken with Thyme and Black Pepper essential oil!

I’ve loved sharing with you and hope I can educate more and more people on the amazing benefits of essential oils!

Savannah Mullis

Young Living Essential Oils

Member Number: 11916521

Thank you Savannah for sharing these wonderful tips! As we approach the holiday season, purchasing essential oils for a friend or family member that you love is the perfect gift! Be sure tell her that you are a Healthy Hippie reader and she will give you $10 off a starter kit! You can purchase from Savannah on the Young Living website and follow her on Instagram at wellnesswithsav. She shares so many ways to use essential oils and has a fabulous recipe for pumpkin coffee creamer! Be sure to check her out!

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