How I Cured My Psoriasis Naturally

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Psoriasis runs in my family. My mother and father both have it, so it was destined that my brother, sister, or I would be diagnosed with the dreaded skin irritant too. Well, I was the lucky duck who received the diagnosis. My father has a mild case but my mother’s is more aggressive. Thankfully, I took after my father in this regard and only have a mild case that presents itself on my scalp. I feel ya Stacy London!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Psoriasis, it is an unbelievably irritating rash that forms on your skin and itches like nothing you have ever experienced. Not to mention that because it was in my scalp, it looked like I had a terrible case of dandruff. When I was diagnosed, my dermatologist provided me with a prescription shampoo to keep the rash at bay and a solution to spray in my hair when the itching was unbearable. Both the prescriptions she prescribed helped some but I had to use them constantly and I would still find myself scratching on my scalp like an ape.

Then one day while reading Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, the doors of heaven opened and shined on my book. Alisa was discussing about how women all over the world struggle with hormone problems and the chemicals in all the products we use are major contributors. Products like makeup, lotions, facials cleansers, hair products, and yes, even shampoo. The book has a lovely chart that shows you the chemicals to look for in all the products, so I began checking all my products to see how chemical based they were. Much to my surprise, everything I used had chemicals and almost all of them contained chemicals that affect your hormones negatively.

That day I threw everything out in my bathroom that contained chemicals that were negatively controlling my hormones and began researching the best all natural products to use. Alisa’s team at Flo Living was even helpful with emailing me the best websites to shop for all natural products. So I ordered all new products like shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, shaving cream, hair products, lotions, and facials cleansers.

After about a week of using all natural shampoo and conditioner, I noticed that the itching on my scalp had been minimal. After about a month of using the new hair products, I no longer had to use any of the prescription medications that my dermatologist prescribed for me. When I went for a follow up with my dermatologist, she raved about how good my scalp looked. I told her I was no longer using any of the prescription medications she suggested and was only using all natural shampoo and conditioner. She was shocked that my psoriasis was completely gone and that it was because of a change in my hair products.

When my mother found out about my discovery, she also started using all natural products and her psoriasis is better than ever before. After years of itching, she has finally received some relief. I’m so glad I read Woman Code and threw out all my chemical based products. Otherwise, my mother and I would still be struggling with psoriasis and let me tell you, that is no fun!


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